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Website Content Background I am an aspiring software engineer, specifically a full-stack web application developer. I completed two-thirds…

Blog Post Ideas React, Patterns for avoiding conditionals in the render method

This will be a user guide for me. The inspiration will be taken from the following blog post https://codingfearlessly.com/a-user-guide-to…

App Project ON HOLD UNTIL I LEARN FRONTEND / REACT Why Do This? Learn many technologies very quickly in an applied manner. Provide content…

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JSX JavaScript can be used inside of JSX using the {} characters.

ReasonML 28 December, 2018

ReasonML - Official Website

Backend - Learning Plan 26 December, 2018

Backend Learning Plan Get a full list from the backend learning plan image Databases MongoDB PostgreSQL Hosting / Dev Ops Serverless AWS…

Frontend Learning Plan 26 December, 2018

Frontend Learning Plan HTML Concepts Basics Semantic HTML Basic SEO Accessibility CSS Technologies Vanilla CSS3 Pre-processors - SASS…

General Learning Plan 26 December, 2018

General Learning Plan Technology Stack Focus on more 'vanilla' technology that is industry standard. Not the absolute cutting edge! Only…

JS Drum Kit 25 December, 2018

JavaScript Drum Kit A virtual drum kit built with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. View it here

Browsers 25 December, 2018

How browsers Work

CLI 25 December, 2018

CLI Zed Shaw - Command Line Crash Course 101 Bash Commands and Tips for Beginners to Experts

CSS 25 December, 2018

CSS in JavaScript Styled Components

GraphQL 25 December, 2018

How to GraphQL Introduction to GraphQL Apollo GraphQL

HTML 25 December, 2018

JAMStack 25 December, 2018

JAMStack Servers and Hosting - Serverless * Move this to servers and hosting page. - Learn to Build Full-Stack Apps with Serverless and…

JavaScript 25 December, 2018

JavaScript Courses Frontend Masters - Introduction to JavaScript Programming - Kyle Simpson Frontend Masters - JavaScript: From Fundamentals…

Learning Resources 25 December, 2018

Learning Resources... Break into sections based on technology and then concepts. Add or replace existing links to maintain the best…

Node.js 25 December, 2018

Courses Learn Node - Wes Bos

React 25 December, 2018

React Courses Recommended Rally Coding - Modern React with Redux Frontend Masters - Complete Intro to React v4 - Brian Holt LearnCode…

Open Source 25 December, 2018

Open Source Contributing to Open Source on GitHub for beginners - Kent C Dodds Open Source Guide Awesome for Beginners First Timers Only…

Security 25 December, 2018

OAuth The OAuth 2.0 Authorisation Framework OAuth 2.0 Threat Model and Security Considerations

Testing 25 December, 2018

Testing JavaScript with Kent C. Dodds

Tools 25 December, 2018

Cloud Craft - Cloud Architecture Diagraming